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“I am the thread on which the pearls rest”.

Role of a teacher is like a ‘sutradhar’ who puts together the pearls of knowledge and wisdom, binds them in a thread that becomes an anchor for the child.

The school has trained, competent, result oriented and experienced faculty headed by knowledgeable, dedicated, caring, innovative and dynamic personality, Mrs. Ritu Bedi.

Blessed with exceptional intelligence and power of creativity, Mrs. Ritu Bedi, Manager-Vice Principal at the parent branch at Saket, New Delhi since 2002 with 22 years of teaching experience has now taken on the extended responsibility of Principal of the new school at Palam Vihar. Having an inherent knack of understanding and problem solving attitude, she is a perfect counselor, mentor and guide to students, staff and parents.

Children being her first love, she likes to create, implement and experiment innovative methodologies and de-stress the learning environment. She is led by Khalil Gibran’s quote that says, “The teacher who teaches with joy, that joy becomes her reward.” She also believes that edu-system must be such that it simplifies grasping the fundamentals right and is also conducive to building strong and socially beneficial individuals. Post graduate in English from Delhi University, her result in English for Board classes has always been 100% with 60% distinctions and all students securing 1st division.

She has initiated a number of child-centered programs like establishing class library for primary section; holding ‘Home away from Home’ camps for building social adaptability & independence and Adventure camp within school premises for making students bold and daring. She has designed inter-disciplinary holiday home work package. Her sessions with students on ‘Importance of Right Attitude’, ‘Circles of Confidence’ and ‘How to crack Boards’ have particularly been advantageous. She also provides orientation to parents of new entrants for their emotional and social amalgamation.

As President FUSION, an educators’ club, New Delhi, she facilitated the Intel Training program for teachers in 1999 making the school second in India in becoming tech savvy. As Master Trainer, she trained teachers of KVs/DAVs from all over the country in 'Effective use of technology in English Language Teaching' in Gurgaon & Hydrabad. She was invited to judge "Project Based Learning" for South India’s Master Trainer Clubs in Chennai. She also takes guest lectures for B.Ed. students of IGNOU.

Her area of involvement also extends to Government of India, Deptt. of Science & Technology promotion of scientific awareness. She interviewed and shortlisted students for Scimind, a science based TV quiz. Earlier, she coordinated National Science Photography contest “Lights and Shades of Science” for DST in 2006 and 2009-10 which turned out to be a huge success. Recently she was invited to Ahmedabad on the inauguration of the exhibition of the photographs of the National event.

Having successfully organized Social Science and Mathematics exhibitions on a mammoth scale in the school, she initiated Project Citizen-India, by Centre for Civic Education, University of Calabassas which is winning awards year after year. Under her able guidance, the school recently ventured into an exchange program of connection class room sponsored by British Council in India and impressed the visiting delegation from Scotland by showcasing a kaleidoscopic parorama of activities.

Her recent, week long, trip to Scotland, was another step in cementing ties with schools at Scotland for furthering electronic exchange program between the students of the two countries. Students have been able to inter- act with each other through video-conferencing which is a great step towards giving global exposure to our students.

She has authored term books for primary and computer books for classes I to IX for a popular publishing House.

She visited Malta, an island country in the Mediterranean Sea, on an invitation of Malta University through its High Commission in India to study the educational avenues open to our students at under graduate level.

Best Teacher AwardShe was honoured with the Best Teacher Award from Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit in 2005. The award was sponsored by the Federation of Public Schools. She believes in constantly motivating and inspiring teachers into giving their best.

Constant in-service training is provided to all teachers to keep them well versed with the latest trends and innovations in the field of education. All faculty is encouraged to go for further studies and support is provided.

Tuitions are a germ in our society and we at Red Roses strongly dissuade parents from sending their ward for tuition. All extra help in case of a weak student is provided at school with consultation with parents and Principal.

No teacher is allowed to take up tuitions. An undertaking to this effect is taken regularly from every teacher. Some of our guest faculty is brought from the main branch at Saket, due to their vast knowledge and experience.